5 Factors You Should Consider When Hiring An Electrician

Hiring An Electrician

It’s important to be thorough when hiring an electrician. Electrical issues in your home or commercial property can quickly get out of hand when not handled correctly. It can cause accidents, power outage and even catastrophic consequences such as fire accidents or electrocution, endangering your life and of those within the community. 

Consider These 5 Factors When Hiring An Electrician


The first and non-negotiable requirement you should ask for is a valid Australian’s electrician’s license. Before anyone gets a permit, they should pass all academic and practical qualifications set forth by the Electrical Licensing Board. Hiring an unlicensed electrician can have several risks including shoddy work, safety hazards and voidance of your insurance coverage.


An ideal electrician should have at least three years of experience in this field. To be able to deliver high-quality service, electricians should have developed and honed their skills over time. They can only achieve this with ample exposure doing actual electrical work and continuous training and further education. 


Choose an electrician who shows a high level of professionalism. Start browsing through their website, social media pages and CV.  

From the moment you contact them, they should make you feel important and consider your needs as a priority. The way they communicate should display positivity, friendliness, courteousness, and honesty. 

Watch out for red flags like cancelling appointments, tardiness (without a valid reason), not calling back when they said they would or failure to notify you of any changes in plans.


When hiring an electrician, it’s wise to choose someone insured. This line of work exposes workers to risky and sometimes dangerous situations. For your benefit and to free you from any liabilities as a property owner, hire an insured electrician.


Word of mouth, referrals from family and friends and online reviews can help you choose the right electrician. People are likely to tell the truth about the service they received, so consider recommendations as a useful gauge of the quality of work.

When Hiring An Electrician, Choose Detlev’s

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