Safety First: 6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

To the average homeowner, it would be difficult to know all the signs your house needs rewiring. Not paying attention though puts the safety of your family and your home at risk.

Outdated and deteriorated wiring can not only cause an electrical fault but then becomes a fire hazard. Additionally, if there are issues with structure, it poses an electrocution risk to you and your family.

Be prepared! 

According to County Fire Authority (CFA), 25% of all domestic fires in Victoria were caused by home electrical faults. Statistics also show that electrical appliances or faults cause around 40% of residential fires in NSW. Unfortunately, many homeowners either ignore or are not aware of signs their home needs a wiring upgrade.

What Is Home Rewiring?

The demands for electrical systems increase as you bring in more modern technology and electronics in the home. Some of these updates may be beyond the original wiring’s capacity. Wire degradation also inevitably occurs as the structure ages. 

Home rewiring involves the process of stripping and relaying most or all of your home’s electrical wires to ensure they pass the Australian Government standards. It can also include rearranging your electrical panel and changing it to a bigger one to keep up with the electrical system demand. This type of project is not for DIY-ers; it requires the professional skills of a licensed electrician. 

6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

Flickering, Dimming Lights or Lights that Too Bright

First, try changing the bulb. If it doesn’t work, chances are it is because of faulty wiring. The bulb flickers or gets excessively dim or bright because of fluctuations in the power supply — this may be due to a loose connection or wiring problems.

Fuses Blowing Regularly

Old or deteriorated fuses are not designed to load a growing amount of technology or modern appliances. Fuses regularly blow up as a result.

Discoloured Outlets and Sparking

If your outlets are short circuit due to a loose connection or faulty wiring, excessive heat builds up. It causes sparking or a small fire that melts the insulation. It will then leave a charred discolouration on the outlet surface.

Unusual Noises and Burning Smell from Power Outlet

A strange buzzing sound coming from the power outlet or light switch indicates electrical arcing that can ignite wiring insulation. A burning smell may mean that the wires are overheating. When this happens, unplug appliances immediately and call an electrician.

Using Too Many Extension Cords

We’re all guilty of this! One of the signs that your house needs rewiring is over-reliance on extension cords to power up your appliances. Extension cords are used when there are not enough accessible outlets or if power points are poorly placed. The improper use of extension cords (e.g. too many devices plugged in, placing them under the carpet or rug), can be a fire hazard.

Older Homes

Houses that are 40-50 years old and have kept the original wiring are the most at risk of having outdated and faulty wiring. New mandatory wiring laws are way different from that of three decades ago. Inevitable deterioration of wires also compromises its integrity.

Get The Services Of A Detlev’s Canberra Electrician When You See Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

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