Australian War Memorial Poppy’s Car Park Lighting and Enabling Works

This project consisted of 10 separate pieces of work around the AWM. These included Poppy’s car park lighting extension and enabling works, lighting over entries, lighting for workers’ accommodation, modifications internally and externally, and lighting along footpaths.

Project Poppy’s Car Park Lighting Extension and Enabling Works
Client Australian War Memorial (AWM)
Budget $1M
Timeframe November 2019 to February 2022
Highlights NECA Awards 2022, State Highly Commended Award for Commercial – Small

The project required careful planning and the implementation of multiple strategies due to several requirements and various guidelines. As the AWM is within the parliamentary triangle, the team also worked with the National Capital Authority’s lighting guidelines.

There were also requirements to retain the lighting and ensure it remained functional throughout the project, with no downtime. The team implemented careful planning and strategies to ensure the works did not impede the existing AWM redevelopment project. Other requirements, such as the ability to control lighting remotely for events such as the ANZAC Day dawn ceremonies, added a layer of complexity to the project. To meet these requirements, Detlev’s installed a Dynalite system, which allows the lighting that’s connected through this system to be remotely controlled.

The project finished under budget. The project allowed the team at Detlev’s to develop and implement new safety requirements and increased the team’s versatility when handling complex projects.

Detlev’s was awarded the State Highly Commended Award for Commercial – Small category at the 2022 NECA Awards.