Commercial Lighting Trends

Top Commercial Lighting Trends

Changes in business models and the emerging of new technologies have resulted in more commercial lighting trends hitting the market. As these trends are not only aesthetics-driven but also focused on cost-savings, commercial property owners are likely to be interested. It’s a total win-win for them.

Here are Top 3 Commercial Lighting Trends

Smart Technology

There is an increasing shift to automation in commercial lighting. Small businesses and big corporations are taking steps to create a more energy-efficient operation. They are seeing the advantages of having controls, timers, motion sensors, and wireless devices that work together.

Some significant benefits of installing Smart technology lighting systems include convenience, massive savings on power costs and improved security. Another is its feature to provide a predictable maintenance schedule – something that tends to fall on the backburner with regular commercial lighting systems.


If there’s a word that sums up the trends in commercial lighting, it would be ‘green’. As the green revolution continues to become mainstream, many commercial establishments such as retail stores, industrial warehouses, healthcare facilities and others have also shifted to energy-efficient lighting, particularly using LED bulbs.

With its proven benefit to lower energy bills, business owners find that the long-term advantages of using LED lights outweigh the upfront investment. Plus, LED bulbs are becoming more affordable now.

Many companies are also becoming more aware of how massive their responsibility is for reducing energy waste and curtailing climate change, which leads them to choose more economical and environment-friendly lighting options.

Non-polluting Lighting

Property owners will not only focus on meeting building codes but also on sustainability. Non-polluting lights help achieve a greener lighting scheme. It significantly minimises the light pollution given off by artificial light at night. By doing so, you can keep the sky around your facility natural and dark, which has a positive ripple effect for the environment, especially on the wildlife.

Commercial Lighting Trends Will Continue To Unfold

The way businesses and companies use their commercial lighting systems will continue to evolve. It will adapt to the current industry requirements, and property owners will take advantage of technological headways. Expect these commercial lighting trends to address the needs of companies, the communities surrounding it and the environment as a whole.

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