Benefits Of Upgrading To A Smart Commercial Security System

The security of your entire commercial property, including all its physical assets and information systems, should be a top priority. Therefore, upgrading to a smart commercial security system is a worthwhile investment; it can help streamline your company’s security processes and improve your overall business efficiency.

Benefits Of Having Smart Commercial Security System For Your Property

Better Monitoring Capabilities: (Deter Crime)

Security systems are meant to protect your property and prevent criminal activities such as burglary, breaking and entering or damage to properties. Installing integrated intelligent camera systems can help deter crime. as it  lets you continuously monitor and check on your entire commercial premises.

  • See live monitoring feed of your entire premises with a security camera app connected to your device.
  • Receive alerts in case of suspicious activities within your property.
  • Protect yourself and your company from potential lawsuits by being able to secure evidence from the video recording.

Improved Access Solutions (No More Keys)

Ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your commercial premises when you upgrade to a smart commercial security system.

  • Grant keyless access to your trusted employees instead of giving them physical keys that can be misplaced, therefore posing a security risk. 
  • Set, change and remove codes with ease based on different access levels of employees.
  • Maintain detailed access records. Know who is entering and leaving particular areas in your commercial property.

Enhanced Remote Control (Be In Control…Anytime, Anywhere)

Whether you’re within the vicinity or on holiday miles away, you can be in control of your commercial property using your connected device.

  • Access any video clips of suspicious activities to determine if it’s a security emergency.
  • Know what goes on in your commercial property, from safety issues to each room’s temperature.
  • Be vigilant and make sure you lock and unlock building doors, as well as set and disable alarms.
  • Adjust lighting, thermostat and other security aspects according to your preference.

All of which you can do remotely with your device.

24/7 Operational Security (Protection Always On)

Upgrading to a smart commercial security system means the cameras, intelligent monitoring sensors, alarm mechanisms and other security features are functional round the clock. You can manage your commercial property’s security system whenever, wherever.

Tailored Smart Commercial Security System (Security, The Way You Like It)

Security systems have one ultimate goal – to keep you and your property protected. What’s great about having an intelligent security system is you can tailor it to your personal and business needs. It allows you to choose what feature and capability to utilise. You can easily monitor, program, adjust and control ALL security features right at your fingertips. 

If you are interested in installing or upgrading to a smart commercial security system, please get in touch. We’re happy to help.