Canberra Milk Control Panel Relocation

A highly successful project was carried out at the Canberra Milk facility, led by Chris Hellessey, to relocate control boards and performed work in the packing space.

Project Control Panel Relocation
Client Canberra Milk
Budget $200K
Timeframe 3 weeks
Highlights NECA Awards 2022, State Finalist, Industrial – Small

Due to the facility needing to remain operational throughout the project, the team was restricted to working only one day during weekdays and one day on the weekend. Not only this, but it was also a complex design and construct project. Detlev’s provided the methodology for the job and worked closely with the client, engineers and architects to ensure that the installation ran smoothly.

The plan was executed successfully and ran under budget and within the specified timeframe. Due to the unique parameters, we were able to gain valuable experience implementing above and beyond the usual safety requirements for unique projects such as this.

Detlev’s was awarded the State Finalist Award in the Industrial – Small category at the 2022 NECA Awards.