Our client required quality electrical maintenance services to manage a busy caravan park with over 400 separate dwellings, 97 caravan pillar heads and 8 common areas.

The initial project involved electrical works for 67 new dwellings including infrastructure design and construct, plus asset identification and infrastructure auditing.

We now provide complete in-house asset management, programmed maintenance, and 24/7 electrical support for:

  • 1 main switchboard
  • 9 distribution boards
  • 4 pump room control boards
  • 3 septic tanks with twin pumps in each
  • More than 30 streetlights throughout the park
  • Underground cables

We have achieveda 98% success rate on KPIs for our 24/7 maintenance service. We’ve also constructed and managed a comprehensive asset record and portfolio. In addition, we were proud to complete an electrical switchboard replacement within extremely short timeframes, with minimal disruption to guests.