Enjoy A House Upgrade Using Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Your home should be a place of complete relaxation, comfort, fun and excitement; you should love spending time in it. An excellent way to transform your home, if it’s not the calm oasis you’d like it to be is to use smart home devices, that can provide practicality and everyday ease.

No longer exclusive to tech geeks, more people are investing in smart home gadgets not only for convenience but also for the positive return of investment. Smart home devices can help save money on energy costs, improve home management and give you more time to spend with family and friends or even just relaxing at home. 

How To Transform Your Home Using Smart Home Devices

Lighting: Use Smart Lightbulb Technology and Automated Light Switches

More than just illuminating your house, the right lighting is an essential key to creating both your home atmosphere and saving money on energy costs. With smart lightbulb technology, you can control your lights using a mobile app. You can even dim and change their colour to set the right mood and atmosphere.

Another great smart home device is automated light switches that allow you to get light only where and when you need it; lights automatically turn off in unoccupied rooms. They can also focus on specific areas of the home, such as dining tables and home office desks. You don’t have to worry about light unnecessarily blazing throughout the entire house. These features make smart home devices an excellent tool for minimising your energy costs. 

Smart light switches also allow homeowners to activate lights in the garden area or set it on “holiday mode” which mimics the usual light usage. Both can act as a security feature and help provide greater peace of mind.

Kitchen: Use Connected Smart Kitchen Appliances

Often called “the heart of the home”, now, with smart home devices, it can be the brains too. A new wave of kitchen appliances have hit the market, and many people love it!

Hi-tech refrigerators can now monitor the freshness and expiration date of your food and even provide you with a list of dishes you can make with ingredients inside your fridge.

Smart electrical stoves and ovens allow for setting automatic functions and remote control using an app in your mobile device.

What you can do:

  • Adjust cooking temperature
  • Use multiple types of heating for more precise cooking
  • Receive notifications when the oven has preheated, the timer expires, there’s a problem occurring
  • Connect to apps that provide recipes; the oven will cook the dish automatically, step by step, based on the recipe instructions

Security: Use A Keyless Lock

Investing in an excellent security system is always worthwhile. Technology has penetrated home security systems to provide a more sophisticated way of protecting your family and your home. Smart locks are keyless locks that synchronise to your mobile phone. Similar to other smart home gadgets, you can remotely control your home access points.

What you can do:

  • Open and lock your doors
  • Provide visitors with temporary key access
  • Connect it to your smart doorbell and see who’s at the door
  • Monitor activities within your property


Smart Home Devices Are The Way Of The Future

With the increasing demand for more tools to complete regular home tasks more conveniently, a house upgrade using smart home gadgets is an excellent idea.

Think of it as an investment with the returns being more time for you to do other things that can improve and enhance your lifestyle. You can have more leisure moments with your family, get the chance to start your dream business or be free from the stress of doing household chores. Choose the right smart home gadgets that will suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to install smart home devices in your home? Get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.