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Energy Solutions

Prepare to experience the future of energy with Detlev’s Electrical. Our upcoming suite of Energy Solutions is designed to empower your life and business in ways you’ve never imagined. We are gearing up to supply, deliver, install, and maintain a comprehensive range of energy solutions tailored to meet modern demands and sustainability goals.

Among our exciting new offerings, we are focusing significantly on cutting-edge Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers—an essential component for the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners. Detlev’s Electrical is committed to enhancing your access to reliable and efficient energy solutions.

Stay tuned for more details as we unveil how we can help energise your world.

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Destination EV Charging Solutions

For DC Destination Charging, fast charging stations are ideal, delivering power ranging from 80 kW to 480 kW. These stations are equipped with modern connectors and offer various power outputs to accommodate quick charging needs in commercial settings.

At Home EV Charging

For AC Home Charging, smart home chargers are designed for efficiency, allowing up to 7 times faster charging than standard outlets. They integrate with home energy systems to optimise the use of renewable energy and off-peak electricity rates, ensuring cost-effective operation.

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