Destination EV Charging Solutions

Detlev’s is a dynamic and respected provider of energy solutions, boasting over 30 years of strong presence in the Canberra region. Rooted in family values, Detlev’s has evolved from a modest appliance installation and repair business to a national leader in Australia’s energy sector, with a passion for empowering the electric vehicle infrastructure sector (EVCI). We are acclaimed for our innovative turnkey solutions, technical expertise, and profound commitment to sustainability, safety, and the delivery of high-quality products and services.


With a seasoned team and access to innovative EVCI technologies, Detlev’s delivers comprehensive solutions that span the entire project lifecycle. Our primary mission is to offer top-tier solutions in the energy and electric vehicle charging sectors, making Detlev’s a reliable organisation known for its end-to-end solutions, efficiency and dedication to sustainable success.


As a versatile entity deeply ingrained in the energy sector, Detlev’s was founded with the goal to lead the charge in the energy transition market. We provide a wide array of services and products specifically designed to meet the changing needs of the energy sector. Detlev’s dedication to sustainability and excellence is manifest in our comprehensive approach, which includes end-to-end design, construction and operations and maintenance.


Detlev’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures the success and sustainability of our services as well as contributes to a greener and more energy-efficient future. We possess in-depth knowledge and capability within the EV field, proudly holding certifications and technical expertise in servicing and installing and sales of EV chargers from reputable brands.


We draw on the extensive experience of a team that specialises in electricity and renewable energy connections, complex infrastructure projects and network operations. The team brings the latest thinking to design, construction, operation and maintenance projects.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

We specialise in delivering comprehensive energy solutions that span the entire asset lifecycle in the EV charging industry. Our tailored approach ensures optimal performance and longevity of EV charging assets, making us a trusted partner in energy management.

Industry Experience

Our deep industry experience extends across high-risk and technical sectors, including Mining, Renewable Energy, and Defence. This broad expertise underscores our capacity to handle complex projects in EV charging infrastructure, demonstrating our robust capability in this dynamic field.

Sustainability Commitment

We are dedicated to contributing to a low-carbon future. Our commitment aligns with the aspirations of sustainable development laid out in the RFP, as we implement eco-friendly practices and solutions in all our projects.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Our comprehensive asset lifecycle service is enhanced by our ability to manage detailed spare parts procurement and efficient warehouse management. This complete service package ensures that all assets are maintained and supported throughout their lifecycle for maximum efficiency and reliability.

End-to-End Technical Service

Our end-to-end technical service is built on a foundation of knowledge, forward-thinking, and innovation. We apply rigorous analytical techniques and a proactive approach to quality assurance, which drives significant improvements in asset management practices across various sectors.

Continuous Improvement and Client Satisfaction

Our team is proficient in LEAN and Six-Sigma improvement strategies, fostering a culture that prioritises continuous improvement and client satisfaction. This approach helps us build sustainable and robust relationships with our clients, ensuring mutual success.

Integrated Operations and Service Excellence

We operate an integrated Operations Control Centre, which supports our history of meeting high-quality Service Level Agreements (SLA). This centre is pivotal in maintaining consistent, high-quality, and responsive services to all our clients.