How Canberra Electricians Conduct In-Home Services During COVID-19

Canberra Electricians

Whether it’s the oven not heating, busted light switches, or your smart home device not connecting to the network, some service calls need immediate resolution. Here’s how Detlev’s Canberra electricians conduct in-home repair and installation services during COVID-19.

What To Expect When Engaging Services of Detlev’s Canberra Electricians

Risk Assessment Screening

Upon booking your service appointment, we will ask if you or someone in your household is on required voluntary isolation for either having COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to someone with signs in the past 14 days.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Detlev’s requires the use of PPE (e.g. face masks, shoe covers, gloves, eye protection, etc.) before entering the premises. They may also use plastic sheeting if they will be working in areas that potentially infectious individuals occupy.

Physical Distancing

We adhere to physical distancing measures at all times. To reduce the risk of exposure for both clients and electricians, we practice a 4 square metre of space per person or maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres.

How To Prepare Your Home For A Service Call With Detlev’s Canberra Electricians

During The Visit

Path Plan

Create a plan that includes a clear pathway for the electricians to get to the specific work area. Move objects that may block access and ensure that they don’t go into other rooms or touch items and surfaces unnecessarily.

Work Area

Pre-clean your work area to avoid exposing the electrician to any potential virus. Make enough space for them to work around. Move furniture and other items that may not only cause physical disruption but unnecessary contact.

Have Soap and Cleansers Available

You can offer the electrician handwashing before and after the electrical repairs or installation. You can provide paper towels for hand drying but make sure to dispose of them immediately. Detlev’s Canberra electricians are also familiar with practising enhanced proper hygiene, so they carry with them alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

After The Visit


Vigorously wash your hands especially if you handed something to the electrician and vice versa (e.g. remote control, forms you need to sign, pens, smart devices or other household devices or equipment)

Clean and Disinfect Work Area

Use soap and water to clean areas worked in and items that they may have touched. To disinfect means using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Examples are alcohol, bleach or products that have “disinfectant” on the label. Make sure to use them as per instructions.

Always Better Safe Than Sorry

As there is still so much to be discovered about COVID-19, practising general precautionary measures during repair, installation or maintenance service visits is the only way to reduce its spread. Detlev’s Canberra electricians will do whatever is ‘reasonably practicable’ to minimise or eliminate the safety risks that may arise from the service undertaking.

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