Smoke Alarm Upgrades

Does My Property Need Smoke Alarm Upgrades?

Is your property due for smoke alarm upgrades? Installing working smoke alarms in all occupied homes and commercial buildings is a necessity. Equally important is using the type of device that meets the required Australian Government Standard AS3786. The two types commonly used in QLD homes: Photoelectric and Ionisation alarms. Currently, both can be legally purchased and used. 

Different Alarm Legislations By Different Australian States

For many years now, the Australian Fire Authorities and Fire Brigades have been recommending the use of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms. There is a global campaign for a total ban of Ionisation alarms, as this type is not interconnected and past their replacement date. Furthermore, studies show that Photoelectric alarms typically respond to smoky fires within about three to five minutes, while Ionisation alarms may take up to 20 minutes or more, by which time escape can be much more difficult.

The Northern Territory has led the way for legislating against the use of Ionisation smoke alarms, and other states are following suit. From the 1st of January 2022 in QLD, all residential properties still using Ionisation alarms will need to have a smoke alarm upgrade.

According to the placement guidelines, all residences must have hardwired 240-volt, interconnected Photoelectric smoke alarms installed in each bedroom, passageway and living areas. If it is not possible to wire a smoke alarm system in your residential property, a ten-year lithium battery-powered smoke detector can be used.

As of writing, New South Wales and the ACT region still follow that all smoke alarms installed in residential accommodation meet the  Australian Government Standard AS3786. Property owners and landlords can still opt to use either Photoelectric or Ionisation smoke alarms.

To find out what type you currently have in your home, get in touch with licensed electrical installers

Other Times You May Need Electrical Installers To Do Smoke Alarm Upgrades

  • When your smoke alarm is nearing the ten-year mark as typically, this is the time when the sensors start to weaken
  • When detectors are repeatedly setting false alarms
  • When they malfunction and do not react to alarm triggers

*If your smoke alarm is not ten years old, and is malfunctioning, contact licensed electrical installers. They will diagnose the issue and will provide you with the right recommendation.

Please call us if you need further information about smoke alarm upgrades. We can also help with other electric installation services, such as putting up a smoke alarm system, so your property can comply with the new legislation.

Building automation

How Your Business Can Benefit From Building Automation

Building automation allows all aspects of your commercial or industrial property to work smoothly. It can help create a comfortable environment conducive to carry out functions in your business’ day to day operations at a more optimal and efficient level. 

How Does Building Automation Work?

Building automation integrates your property’s software and hardware systems in a centralised system. These include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security, alarm fire safety, elevators, circuit television and many more.

Interconnecting these systems provides coordinated monitoring and control of all their functions in the building. Often referred to as Smart buildings, the entire system is typically hardwired, but now, it is going wireless with evolving technology. 

4 Benefits of Building Automation

Reduced Environmental Impact: Contribute To A Greener World

Traditional commercial and industrial structures tend to release greenhouse gases and cause resource wastage — both are harmful to the environment. Smart buildings have a way of controlling HVAC, water systems, and even plumbing for more efficient use of energy and water, reducing environmental impact.

Better Energy Management: Save On Electrical Cost

Usually, lights, heating and cooling are the primary culprits that energy consumption goes up. Building automation allows for efficient energy management. Monitor all areas in the building, making adjustments to lower energy usage without compromising comfort. 

Improved Security: Peace Of Mind

Smart buildings have connected security systems that you can set up the way you see fit for your business. Monitor all activities inside and outside the premises with CCTV cameras. Receive immediate alerts if anything suspicious is happening. You can even program doors to lock at specific times or lights to turn on using motion sensors.

Convenient Operations: Access Your Property Anywhere

Wireless technology allows 24/7 access, monitoring, and controlling your business from any location with an internet connection. Adjust security or HVAC systems even when you’re away on holiday.

Building Automation: The New Way To Operate Your Business

According to a Technavio report, the building automation and control systems market is expected to have a year-over-year growth rate of 8.45% until 2024. One of its primary growth drivers is its energy efficiency benefit.

Many businesses worldwide are already using building automation. With all its benefits, many more will surely upgrade. Customising your systems within your property to suit your business is not only practical, but it is the way of the future.

For more information about commercial automation, please contact us. We can help install smart systems that will help you improve your business operations.

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Teaching Children About Electrical Safety

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