Reasons Your Oven Won’t Heat Up And How To Fix It

Oven won’t heat up

A malfunctioning oven right when you’re about to pop in your famous roasted chicken is a kitchen nightmare! When you notice that the oven won’t heat up or the temperature is not quite right, and it results in a raw or undercooked chicken — your guests definitely won’t be happy! What could be the reasons that your oven isn’t working properly, and how can you fix it?

Oven Won’t Heat Up: Causes And Solutions

Faulty Igniter

When you set the temperature on a gas oven that is functioning as it should, you can expect to hear a few faint clicks followed by a whoosh sound signalling the gas igniting. If you don’t hear anything and the gas doesn’t start, consider eliminating the problem by switching off the oven and trying to ignite the stove burner. 

If the burner lights up, then the oven igniter may either be dirty or faulty. Consider cleaning or replacing the oven igniter. However, if the stove doesn’t ignite, then it may be a gas line problem. 

Gas Line Issue (Gas Oven)

After having determined that the problem is the gas line, you should call a professional immediately. There’s a strong sulphur smell that resembles that of rotten eggs when there’s a leak in the gas line. It can also be blockages in the gas piping or valve issues. Time to call the pros!

Breaker Issue (Electric Oven)

Electric ovens use a lot of electricity; it can cause a power surge or the breaker to trip. In your home’s service panel, the switch will be midway between the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ if the breaker tripped. To reset it, push the switch entirely to ‘Off’ and back to ‘On’; this usually fixes the issue. If not, seek the services of an accredited electrician. 

Malfunctioning Temperature Sensor

Both gas and electric ovens have temperature sensors. It’s usually a thin tube located at the upper back of the inside of the oven. If it’s bumped accidentally during cooking or cleaning, it can cause erratic temperature changes.

Incorrectly Placed Oven Knobs 

Some oven-range combos have manual knobs instead of a touchscreen. If you recently removed the knobs while cleaning, there’s a chance that they are not back on their right places. Check your oven manual for instructions.

Heat Element Not Working

There are components of an oven that specifically function to heat the oven. Over time, they can wear out. Typically, heat elements that are properly working turn glowing red. If the stove is heating or burning, then it’s likely that the oven’s heating element has failed. Have accredited electricians work on replacing the parts.

When To Engage The Services of an Electrician When Oven Won’t Heat Up

There are times when you can determine the issue by doing basic, primary assessment and even use DIY solutions to fix it. However, other oven problems are complicated and will need an electrician. 

If like many others, you are not comfortable dealing with oven repair, then it’s best to get the services of electricians. They can diagnose and provide you with the right solutions if your oven won’t heat up. 

Please get in touch with us if you encounter any issues on your oven or any other appliances. We’re always happy to help.