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5 Signs It’s Time To Hire An Electrical Contractor

When there’s a home maintenance situation, do you (like many homeowners) try to take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and get the solutions from YouTube or other online video tutorials? Whilst there’s nothing wrong with trying to solve them on your own, there are specific issues that require a level of expertise to resolve correctly. 

Electrical problems are an excellent example. If it’s just the regular light bulb changing, then perhaps you can do it yourself. However, if it involves the need to troubleshoot, use special equipment, and do complex electrical work, it’s best to engage the services of an electrical contractor. DIY-ing in such cases can lead to spending too much time and money trying to fix the issue and just ending up with shoddy work. What’s worse is running the risk of getting hurt in the process and putting other people and properties in danger.

5 Reasons To Hire An Electrical Contractor

Electrical Safety Issues

Although Australia has some of the most regulated and stringent electrical safety standards globally, residential and commercial incidents  relating to electricity are still fairly common all over the country. Property owners should not ignore these incidents as if they can cause undue hazards to the surrounding properties and the entire community if not set up correctly. 

It is our strong recommendation to call an electrical contractor IMMEDIATELY upon noticing any of the following electrical issues in your home:

  • Lights Flickering

It may be easy to disregard flickering lights as just a nuisance, but when this is happening excessively and continually, especially while using small appliances, it could be a warning sign of an electrical problem. Often, flickering lights are caused by deteriorating wires or an overloaded circuit

  • Outlets and Switches Heating  and/or a Burning Smell

Be aware of the danger signs that your outlets and switches are overheating. An indicator of this is when they feel warm to the touch, or if there’s blackening or melting of switch plates and wire ends, that is usually from constant sparking.

On the other hand, a burning smell coming from outlets could signal the start of an electrical fire. Turn off your home’s power immediately and call an electrical contractor when you notice a burning odour.

  • Main Fuse Constantly Tripping

Another sign to connect with a professional electrical contractor is when the main fuse or circuit constantly trips or blows up. Though breakers may require a hard reset every few months, needing to restart it almost weekly due to  malfunctioning is a sign of a more significant electrical issue.

Usually, the main fuse tripping results from excessive use of power on the circuit that has been assigned to your home. The circuit gets overheated, the electricity would cut down, and this can cause brownouts and blackouts.

Electric Bill Keeps Going Up

It’s normal to see an increase in electricity bills during Australia’s hot summer months. As the temperature increases, air conditioners are turned on for extended periods and usually on full blast. However, an energy bill that is higher than usual during winter could be a sign of an inefficient or faulty electric setup.

Compare your last year’s bill during the same period. If there are no other factors at play, such as increased consumption from other appliances, then it’s time for an electrical contractor to diagnose the issue and recommend a solution so you can start saving on electricity cost, moving forward.

Older House That May Need Rewiring

If you’ve been living in an older home, it may be time for an electric system upgrade or rewiring. Some wiring in older homes (if not updated) may have corrosion or are frayed. An outdated wiring system may not be as efficient or safe to power modern electronic devices.

In addition, older homes usually do not have enough wall outlets to power additional appliances. Relying heavily on powerboards and extension cords might sound like a good solution but they may cause appliances to short circuit over time and potentially be a source of electrical fires.

Moving to a New House / New Appliance Installations

It is beneficial to have an electrical contractor assess the property for faults in the wiring or spot other electrical hazards. Doing so helps safeguards your family and home,  as you’re getting any electrical problem fixed before moving into a new house.

Installing appliances is part of setting up a new home. Gas cooktops, dishwashers, fans, dryers, washing machines and others should be installed correctly to ensure they work as designed. 

Hire a professional electrical contractor, preferably someone accredited by the appliance brand.

Installing Residential/Commercial Automation System

A home or commercial automation system can make a property safer, more efficient and easier to manage. However, setting up a Smart system involves technical aspects from design, fan installation to maintenance. An electrical contractor has the skills and expertise to ensure the system is installed correctly for optimal use.

What To Look For When Considering Hiring Electrical Contractor

When choosing an electrical contractor, make sure they are licensed and prepared to show and validate their certifications. Having years of service and experience can also be a plus factor when hiring someone to work on your home. 

Conduct ample research about the company’s previous work, clients and reputation. Take a look at their online reviews and speak with people who have used their service in the past. An excellent electrical contractor will also have references to back up how they’ve handled other projects like yours before.

Detlev’s: Your Trusted Electrical Contractor

Detlev’s is a team of licensed and expert electricians. For almost 30 years, we have been supporting homes and businesses and providing exceptional service in the Canberra and ACT region. Among our services, we specialise in appliance repairs, end to end electrical work and setting up automation solutions for both residential and commercial properties. 

With over 80 years of collective experience and partnerships with major brands, we have available resources to provide you with an excellent, personalised service every time.

If you’re looking for help with the best electricians in Canberra, to help with all of your electrical problems, please feel free to get in touch with us