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Home Improvements: When to Hire A Licensed Electrician

Are you planning to spruce up your home? Although it’s tempting and exciting to do some DIY (it’s all in YouTube anyway, right?), some home improvement projects need the services of a licensed electrician for safety purposes.

Home Improvement Projects That Need A Licensed Electrician


Your lighting system not only adds aesthetic value to your home; but it is also functional and practical. It illuminates the inside and the outside of your home, making it one of the most used electrical systems.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Make sure you engage the services of a residential electrician if you decide to replace old light fixtures. When you take them out from the ceiling, expect to see lots of wires. For someone who is not an electrician, this can get confusing.

Outdoor Lighting

The challenge for upgrading the outdoor lighting system is to ensure it can withstand outside elements such as weather changes. To avoid safety hazards, a licensed electrician can install grounded outdoor wiring properly.

Home Theatre

Who doesn’t love a home theatre where you and your family can be couch potatoes during the weekends? A fantastic home theatre has features like surround speakers, huge mounted smart TVs, adjustable lighting, ethernet ports, additional cabling and many more.

Installing a new home theatre or upgrading one requires a licensed electrician to do proper lighting control and other electrical installations.


Are you tired of seeing extension cords around your house? They are a bit of an eyesore, especially if there’s too many of them.

Rewiring your home entire home allows you to install new plugs, outlets and sockets. As it is a very complex task, you would need a licensed electrician’s expertise to complete the job.

Home Automation

There’s no better way to make home improvement than upgrading to home automation! To get all your systems hooked up, make sure you hire accredited home automation installers who can also advise you of the most optimal way to use your new smart system.

Where To Find A Licensed Electrician

Detlev’s is a team of award-winning licensed electricians in Canberra. Our residential electricians provide a wide range of electrical services that you may need for making home improvements.

Here are some of our services

Avoid costly mistakes when making electrical upgrades and home improvements. Choose to hire a licensed electrician to do the work for you. We can help, please BOOK IN for a quote.

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