The home upgrade we wish we could have in our living room

When you think about upgrading your home, there aren’t many people who would turn a whole wall into a TV. But that’s exactly what one Canberran chose to do when they installed ‘The Wall’ by Samsung. 


Detlev’s Managing Director, Grae Munro, couldn’t wait to start the epic project, with the TV installation being only one part of a larger upgrade to the home’s smart automation system. Previously managed through a PC, the new upgrade would see the system shift to iPad control. 


For the team at Detlev’s, this required designing a new concept for running fibre optic cables and creating dedicated electrical circuits in an already established home.  


A lot of planning was involved throughout the project and the team at Detlev’s were thrilled at the opportunity to flex their home automation skills as they progressed through each stage. The Samsung Wall was completed in panels, allowing for a seamless screen to be created. The lights and blinds were also automated and brought into the new smart home automation system. 


While these kinds of projects come with their own challenges and a range of moving parts, they also bring the opportunity for the team to install and see some awesome tech in action. For Grae and the team, projects like this are exactly the thing they love to do, working with high-end gear at the very edge of technology. It keeps them on their toes and excited for each new project. 


Grae is already looking forward to the next installation, his hope is to create an at-home cinema one day. 


Detlev’s collaborated with Samsung to make this project a reality and added a surround sound system to make sure the sound quality matched the high-quality, large-scale visuals. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]