Why Hiring A Licensed Electrician Is Essential For Any Electrical Service

licensed electrician

As a property owner, you want to ensure that the electrical systems in your home and/or commercial premises are working properly. If they aren’t, it can be very dangerous and expensive overall. As a result of this, engaging the services of a licensed electrician is an essential part of any electrical work carried out on your property.

At times, you may think it’s quicker to attempt DIY at a reduced cost, however, the potential hazards far outweigh the benefit of saving money initially. Ultimately, it will end up costing more.

Hiring someone who doesn’t have the necessary qualifications poses a massive risk for both you as the customer and the person you have engaged to conduct the work. Apart from it being unlawful, if not carried out in the right manner, it can cause damage to your property and put you, your family and your home at risk. On top of this, the person doing the job is put in an unsafe situation handling work that requires skills only a licensed electrician has.

Qualifications of a Licensed Electrician

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), electricians must be licensed under the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004 and meet eligibility requirements. The two main categories of an electrician’s license are:

  1. Restricted (attained full qualifications)
  2. Unrestricted (attained partial qualifications; Restricted license holder supervision required to perform electrical work). 

What Electrical Services can a Licensed Electrician Perform?

A licensed electrician will have the necessary training, knowledge and experience to perform a range of electrical work within residential properties and commercial establishments. A few of the most common electrical services they can provide are:

Although many unlicensed electricians claim to be able to resolve these issues, they do not have the correct legal qualifications (not to mention expertise) to carry out the job.

Reasons It’s Important To Only Hire A Licensed Electrician

Expertise – Guarantees Quality Work

There’s no doubt that work involving electricity is very dangerous, so only highly trained individuals should be handling it. A licensed electrician is an expert and has the necessary qualifications to perform the work. They follow a set of protocols and procedures in strict accordance with state and federal laws. 

They source tools and materials only from reputable suppliers to ensure that whatever they use to complete the project meets the highest Australian standards – something that an unlicensed person cannot guarantee.

Possessing a license also means their work is subjected to inspection by authorities to ensure they are meeting the current safety improvement standards.

Safety – Gives Peace of Mind

By law, anyone who seeks to do electrical work needs to have a valid electrician’s license. While it may cost a little more to hire a licenced electrician, having the peace of mind knowing that you’re not breaking the law is worth it.

In addition, a licensed electrician prioritises safety above all else and are required to follow local and federal safety codes. They also understand the implications of not adhering to electrical safety laws.

Apart from the fact, that an unsafe work environment can create massive damage to the property and put you and your family in harm’s way, It can also cause unfortunate consequences for the electrician, They can be given disciplinary actions or worse, lose their license when authorities find out of the non-adherence.

Efficiency – Saves Time and Money

When you experience loss of electrical capabilities in your property, such as incidences of a power outage, blowing of fuse or circuit box malfunctioning of Smart devices, broken appliances, and even the constant flickering of lights, you want them resolved right away. Apart from these issues being potential safety and fire hazards, they can also affect the way you live in your home and cause revenue loss for your business. 

A licensed electricians’ goal is to get the problem fixed at once. They have a fully stocked vehicle with all materials and tools they would possibly need. Their experience and skills also allow them to diagnose the issue right away and execute the electrical services required efficiently without going back and forth to your property.

They value your time, and won’t be charging for repeated visits.  It also means you continue doing your activities at home or have your business operations back up as quickly as possible because the electrical issue has been resolved.

Insurance – Provides Protection

Electrical work is a risky business. Therefore, one of the requirements of an electrician’s license is insurance which protects your property, you and anyone who uses your property’s electrical systems.

Also, for home and office insurance policies to cover costs, they require a licensed professional to carry out any electrical service, otherwise, the insurance is not valid. This has the potential to leave you liable and with additional expenses.

How To Ensure You’re Hiring Licensed Electrician

To find out if you’re hiring the right person to work on your property and if they’re carrying a valid electrician’s license, here are some useful tips:

No matter the type of work or the size of the job, a professional licensed electrician will know how to efficiently complete your project without compromising your propertys’ safety or putting you or your family in danger.

At Detlevs Electrical, we have a team of licensed electricians supporting homes and businesses for almost 30 years within the Canberra and ACT regions. If you need a licensed electrician, please feel free to get in touch with us.